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Our body is as complex which consists trillions of cells. The cells makes tissues, tissues makes organs and it make all functions of body. Now if we observe the function of cells, tissues, organs it works in so coordinated manner that if this coordination imbalanced it become our physical disorder, diseases etc. but if we able to maintain this coordination we feel a inner and outer harmony, and that is perfect health and wellness.The yoga practices is only solutions which make possible that harmony between body, mind, feelings and spirit and it leads a perfect health and wellness. Normally people misunderstood with few high stressed/stretched postures but actually yoga combining the different limbs of yoga such as Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Gyana etc, which includes postures, cleansing process, breathing techniques, meditation, japa and many hundreds of practices. Yoga postures are a developed techniques to listen to our own body and bring the attitudes which hidden in posture like if you are in BHUJANGASANA you have to bring the body in a way where it completely ready to face the world.Same things happen in other practices of breathing, mudra, bandhas too. Now if we talk about meditation, in which we bring a harmony between every layer of our existence. And we find our self in a state where we connects with our inner resources such as intuition, intelligence and creativity.

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Yoga breathing and meditation, especially when practiced together, make us feel vibrant and alive, yet calm, relaxed, and peaceful at the same time. How does it work? Focusing on our breath activates the parasympathetic nervous system, helping us let go of the stress we experience in our daily lives and returning us to our natural state of calm. The moment we begin to observe our breath, it naturally begins to slow down and deepen. We can enhance this process with yoga breathing techniques—consciously slowing and lengthening the breath (always within our comfort range of course—never gasping for breath). This takes some mental focus, which can be challenging since the mind is always jumping from one thing to another.